Most mining companies still rely on manual systems or some small systems that are not integrated, which ultimately results in systems that are no longer effective and efficient in supporting the course of mining operations.

FleetQ helps mines to be more comprehensive, which can automate the operation collecting and data processing of the company. With FleetQ, you can accurately store information related to mining operations, anytime and anywhere. Without any hassles by the old system that is manual and inefficiently, you can focus more on providing better service to customers.

FleetQ is present in digitizing nickel mining operations in the North Kolaka area for application at PT Waja Inti Lestari. FleetQ assists PT WIL in asset management, mining front, stockpile, to mining flow so that it can be monitored into a one app system. FleetQ provides comprehensive consultation by adjusting the situation and condition of PT WIL which is always dynamic for operations and workers. The interesting thing after this implementation is that there is no longer the use of manual checker paper, manual operational calculations, and manual transfer of information. With the interactive information displayed in the FleetQ dashboard which has displayed a lot of information from equipment availability, production operations, fuel management, and others.

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