About Us

FleetQ is a fleet management application to enhance your productivity which could be used in several industries such as logistic, mining and energy, manufacure, construction, etc. The application is build to leverage miners job more effectively that relate with production targets, fleet management system, fuel consumption, operational cost, procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) activities.

As a highly developing company in modern era, we are constantly do a research and development to further enhance productions and efficiency in 4.0 industrial era. Therefore, FleetQ is being made to help connectivity and chain management much faster. FleetQ provide the integration of mobile and web platform with a flexible User Interface (UI) that can launch on any device including your personal computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. It also for keep the mining technical & budgeting strategic planning keep on the track.

FleetQ has been implemented in several mining company such as : PT. Sampulu Adi Prakarsa, PT. Waja Inti Lestari, PT. Sriwijaya Bangkit Energi.